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The issue is highly contentious as Turkey denies what happens was a genocide.

Greens call on Parliament to recognise WWI deaths of Armenians in Turkey as genocide

The issue is contentious as Turkey denies what happened was genocide.

Military veterans with PTSD say government should do more to support them

'We're all prone to it' - PTSD treatment needs to be improved in NZ, former soldier says

The problem involves not only soldiers, but police, medics, firemen, sexual abuse survivors and even train drivers, Bill Blaikie says - and he wants the Government to step up.

Bee numbers are falling around the world and New Zealand beekeepers from backyard hobbyists to big industry players are being asked to do their part to make sure that's not happening here.

Bee keepers called on to fill out survey to combat declining bee population

As well as being a $5 billion industry, it's predicted around a third of our food is dependent on bees.

Wellington is still a big player in the industry but Auckland’s also seeing more screen time.

'Wellywood' thriving as film permits increase

Auckland is also gaining momentum for production of big and small screen items.

Around 200 locals packed into a meeting at the airport.

MP labels Air NZ 'Air Auckland', as Air Chathams prepares to offer up to 36 flights per week

Details of Air Chathams flight are expected to be released later this afternoon.

The Inland Revenue Department is under mounting pressure after a "perfect storm" of problems this week.

IRD workers planning strike cite workload of 'Best Start' payments

Inland Revenue is under mounting pressure after a "perfect storm" of problems this week.

The idea is that instead of chasing Likes and retweets, we focus on living our lives and being more in the moment.

'It's just mental clutter' - Digital Detox Day sees hundreds of Kiwis switch off their phones

The Kalsy family are just some of the many people who switched off their phones for Digital Detox Day.

Susan Austen was previously acquitted of aiding the death of her friend.

Euthanasia advocate fined $7500 for importing drug her friend used to take her own life

Susan Austen was found not guilty for aiding the suicide of Anne Marie Treadwell.

Twenty-six bars, cafes, restaurants and food trucks on the waterfront are trialling a plastic straw-free future.

Wellington bars and restaurants trial ban on plastic straws

Twenty-six bars, cafes, restaurants and food trucks on the waterfront are trialling a plastic straw-free future.

'This is a legitimate wound' - former soldier fights stigma of mental health with Poppy Day appeal

"I walked into the medical centre, burst into tears and said 'I can’t do this anymore,'" Mark Compain told 1 NEWS.

The case is being heard in Wellington.

Iwi and environmental groups take fight against iron sand mining to High Court

Court this morning opened with a karakia and waiata by iwi representatives.

Central Wellington building deemed potentially unsafe is evacuated

Occupants were given until 4pm to evacuate the Boulcott Street building.

Six fire truck were at the scene this afternoon attempting to contain the blaze.

Video: Large fire guts two storey Wellington property

Fire services received multiple calls at 2:30pm today about a fire in Oriental Bay.

One female squirrel, which was believed to have been stolen, was later found hiding.

Intruders attempt to steal Squirrel Monkeys from Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo's chief executive believes the intruders will have monkey bites on them, after breaking into the enclosure with bolt cutters.

Corrections says it is reviewing its re-homing procedures, but the community of Roslyn wants further steps.

Rehoming of sex offenders 'needs to be a hell of a lot better', says anxious Palmerston North community

The community of Roslyn is petitioning to Parliament for a publicly available sex offender register, among other safety measures.

Nicole Thornton says it should be mandatory for store or shop toilets to be accessible to those with the bowel disease.

Watch: 'It can be a scary thing' - young Crohn’s disease sufferer speaks on behalf of Kiwis with the condition as petition delivered to Parliament

Nicole Thornton, 13, spoke to a select committee today. The petition calls for access to employee toilets for sufferers.

The new road is being welcomed but it won't be completed for another six years.

Decision made on alternative route to Manawatu Gorge - set to cost upwards of $500m

State Highway 3 through the gorge has been closed since April after large slips came down.

Everest Base Camp gym class nabs Guinness World Record for Kiwi men

It took the Kiwi team nine days to hike to Everest Base Camp, where they took the fitness class at 5300m above sea level.

Susan Austen's defence team argued she did help the victim get a drug, but not with the intention she would use it.

Woman in euthanasia trial didn't help friend commit suicide, court told

Susan Austen is facing two charges of importing Pentobarbitone and a charge of assisting suicide.

Susan Austen is charged with assisting suicide and two charges of importing a Class C drug.

Police criticised for searches in case of woman accused of aiding friend's suicide

Susan Austen is on trial following the death of Annemarie Treadwell.

Susan Austen is accused of helping a 77-year-old woman, who was suffering from health issues, commit suicide.

Court to hear expert evidence on lethal drug in trial of woman accused of assisting suicide

A GP is currently giving evidence at the High Court in Wellington.

Susan Austen is charged with assisting suicide and two charges of importing a Class C drug.

Three week trial of woman accused of helping friend commit suicide gets underway in Wellington

In June 2016 Anne Marie Treadwell was found dead in her room in a retirement village.

Supporters stand outside the Wellington High Court.

'Lots of love!' - Supporters turn out for woman accused of helping ill 77-year-old commit suicide

Fifty euthanasia supporters gathered outside the High Court this morning.

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