Donna-Marie Lever
The popular game lost a New Zealand player in the attacks.
Muslim and wider community reunited at Christchurch Futsal event
Both police and St John say there’s no timeframe on how long support will be offered to their staff.
Counselling for front-line Christchurch responders could continue into 2020
Fire crews, helicopter contain blaze that caused significant damage at Otago vineyard
Prisoner (file picture)
The worst drug addiction at New Zealand prisons isn't what you think
Demand for food parcels has surged almost 50 per cent in the city.
Increased need for food parcels sees Christchurch City Mission in overdrive this Christmas
Joshua Luke Cooper was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court on December 11, 2018.
Man jailed for stabbing Christchurch police dog in the neck, narrowly missing artery
Malo Ioane Luafutu (Scribe).
Kiwi rapper Scribe granted bail on protection order breach charge
Around 1000 collectors gathered in Christchurch this weekend for the 37th year.
Collectors dust off their Kiwiana memorabilia for vintage weekend
Up to 20 per cent of clients seeking work are of Asian heritage, and the number is growing.
NZ appearance medicine industry reports increasing number of Asian clients seeking to 'Westernise' their faces
His lawyer told the Porirua District Court he couldn't make his Christchurch date as he didn't have enough money to get there.
Rapper Scribe's drugs charge sentencing delayed as court hears he faces other charge of 'domestic nature'
It was a big call because Brian Cox hasn't taken the Tiger Moth flying in more than 75 years.
NZ's oldest, active pilot takes off in restored WWII Tiger Moth
It will allow small businesses to access cheaper supplies, cutting building costs by tens of thousands of dollars.
NZ's first building supplies co-operative could save builders thousands
Mobile Health's bus has provided surgery to almost 23,000 rural patients over the past 17 years.
NZ's only surgical bus service helping rural patients extended for another year while long-term plan developed
Officials are urging users of the class B drug to destroy it, but not all agree with that advice.
Ecstasy patients, one aged just 15, discharged from Christchurch Hospital
A Canterbury University scientist has developed a neuromorphic computer chip.
Computer chip that mimics human brain could power everyday devices
Hundreds came to Reefton today to take part in the commemoration.
West Coast town commemorates Maori battalion that served in WWII
Every step in the endurance event is made inside the barbed wired of Christchurch Men’s Prison
Young prisoners set to run their first ever marathon
The tunnel connecting Christchurch to its port changed the course of transportation in the South Island.
Lyttelton rail tunnel marks its 150th anniversary
Please say they are pleased with the crowds at Addington Raceway.
Thousands of Cantabrians frock up for glamorous day at the races
The global movement thrill the world sees thousands perform the thriller dance moves at the same time just before Halloween.
Watch: Funky zombies turn out to perform Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine in Christchurch
The man is believed to have been unloading a container at CDK Stone.
Man rushed to hospital in critical condition after workplace accident in Christchurch
The Auckland team is teaching families with a rare genetic disorder how to cook to literally save their lives.
Starship Children's hospital team's vital cooking lessons for Christchurch families
The Canterbury beach was packed today with crowds gathering for the annual sand sculpture competition.
Weird and wonderful creatures at Waikuku Beach sand sculpture competition
The berries, mainly grown in Canterbury and Nelson, have been singled out for their natural properties.
Kiwi blackcurrants touted as the 2017 superfood
He was the first Irishman to ever enter the gruelling Vendee Globe Round-The-World race.
Irish boatie's 'Everest of the oceans' mission put to an end by snapped mast
Police are urging drivers to buckle up as this year's holiday road toll is one of the highest in five years.
Police push seatbelt message after one of highest holiday road tolls in five years
More than 30,000 salmon were moved to a restored Canterbury hatchery, which hasn't been used in 30 years.
All settled! Thousands of young salmon re-homed to Canterbury hatchery
The miserable weather and extra security didn’t stop the crowds celebrating at the Final Cup day event in Riccarton today.
Crackdown on booze at Cup day in Christchurch – did it really change anything for Riccarton race-goers?
Sir Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney, who designed the building 50 years ago, see progress of the restoration project.
Architect of Christchurch's quake-damaged Town Hall reflects on 'when we knew it in perfect condition'
Around 80 babies have been brought up in prisons around the country over the past five years.
Most jailed mums released alongside their babies, Corrections says