Corin Dann

Kiwi business confidence hits six year low

Bill English acknowledges the survey shows that the economy is going through a 'softening stage'.


Paid parental leave debate heats up with 11th negotiations

David Seymour says he's secured a government deal to have paid parental leave extended to 26 weeks.

Local stocks feel the impact of global market jitters

The NZX is down over 100 points to 5,633 points, that's a significant fall of about two per cent.

Kiwi dollar hits six-year low against the US after China’s currency move

China’s central bank devalued the yuan by 1.9 per cent.


Labour Party warns of risk of recession in wake of dairy price tumble

Bill English accepts the economy is ‘softening’ but says the economy does not need the cash boost Labour’s Grant Robertson is calling for.

English won't be spooked into action over softening economy

A new report warns that the tide has turned on the New Zealand economy.


House prices rising at fastest rate in eight years

Political Editor Corin Dann takes a look at what the escalating house prices mean for Kiwis.

Russia's veto of MH17 tribunal shows 'fatal flaw' in UN Security Council - Key

Russia used its veto on the Council to block a push for a UN backed tribunal into the shooting down of MH17.


PM hits the phones to push cash for dairy farmers in TPP

The Government has previously signalled it's not keen to sign up unless there are gains for NZ dairy farmers.

More interest cuts coming from Central Bank - but no big moves just yet

The Reserve Bank governor has signalled in a speech today that more interest rate cuts are on the way.


Key announces immigration package to encourage regional growth

Three major changes will kick in from November 1.


Exclusive: TPP will prevent ban on foreign ownership

Labour says it will not support a trade partnership because it worries that it could see New Zealand give up too much power.


Up to one in five Auckland property investors based offshore - broker

‘Fierce activity at unprecedented levels’ is how the country’s largest mortgage broking group describes Auckland’s property scene.


Landlords told to get into action - insulation, smoke alarms a must for homes

The changes must be made by July 2019, the Government says.

Government may post promised budget surplus after all

The latest Crown accounts show a surplus of just over $1.1 billion


New Zealand Dollar slides as Greek financial crisis looms

Corin Dann looks at the effect that Greece’s decision to not pay its 1.5 billion dollar debt could have on our financial markets.


Will the Greek financial crisis reach NZ?

Political Editor Corin Dann looks at how the Greek situation will impact New Zealand.


Big banks keen on controversial social bonds scheme

ANZ and Westpac are among those keen to buy into social bonds, which return a profit if service providers meet key targets.


Private providers of social services possible

The government is open to the idea of privately-owned companies providing social services in the future.


Milford paying out $1.5m to settle

The KiwiSaver providor is paying out to settle its part in a case of alleged market manipulation.


New agency could force speculators to sell off spare land

The idea was proposed in a news report into land shortages in major cities.


OECD report urges action on rocketing house prices

Growing inequality is a big concern raised in a new international study on New Zealand’s economic performance.


Reserve Bank takes aim at Auckland property investors

Investors will need at least a 30% deposit as the Reserve Bank looks to cool the region’s over-heated housing market.


John Key pushes case to support war on ISIS

The Prime Minister put the case in support of the war on ISIS while at an international peace summit in Turkey.


ONE News Northland by-election special

Corin Dann and the ONE News team bring you the results of the Northland by-election.


Andrew Little says John Key needs to ‘get a grip on his emotions’

The Labour leader has fired back at the Prime Minister over his emotional display in Parliament over sending troops to Iraq.


US, Australia welcome Key’s ISIS decision

ONE News political editor Corin Dann with the latest reaction on John Key’s decision.


Final details of NZ’s role in fight against ISIS thrashed out

The Prime Minister will soon announce the final details on New Zealand’s role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq.


Is the honeymoon over for Andrew Little?

The Labour leader is facing pressure over America’s Cup funding and the Parliament’s spy committee.


John Key given strong message at Waitangi

The Prime Minister’s welcome may have been peaceful, but the message to him about Ngapuhi’s treaty settlement was forceful.

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