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1 NEWS sat down with the MPs to see their thoughts on a range of issues.

Watch: Pay rises for teachers, smoking and the NZ Land Wars - Quick questions with Labour’s Louisa Wall and National’s Paul Goldsmith

We go to both sides of the House for their view on some topical issues and check out what they get up to while they're not in parliament.

Everything is covered from the MP’s view on compulsory Te Reo Maori, if 16-year-olds should vote, and if they’d every go on Dancing with the Stars.

Quick fire questions with National's Nikki Kaye and Labour's Michael Wood

We cover compulsory Te Reo Maori, if 16-year-olds should vote, and if they'd ever go on Dancing with the Stars.

Steven Joyce's announcement means there are now five candidates for the soon-to-be vacant position of National Party leader.

Five quick-fire questions with Steven Joyce: What was his greatest achievement - and his biggest disappointment after a decade in politics?

During the National Party leadership race, 1 NEWS put to Steven Joyce a series of questions. Some of his answers might surprise.

Blanket ban on prisoner voting goes to Supreme Court today - what MPs have said about the ban in the past

In 2010 the now-Minister of Finance called the blanket ban "a petty, spiteful attempt to try to curry favour with a populist issue". The Bill was found to be inconsistent with the Bill of Rights in 2015, now the Crown are appealing that declaration.

The new law addresses non-physical forms of abuse or 'coercive control'. Domestic violence support groups here are keeping a close eye on the way the law is being applied there.

'I've never hated myself more in my life' - Revenge porn law, does it really protect the victim?

There are rising levels of revenge porn cases, with 16 to 29-year-olds at a higher risk.

Assil Russell spent two months in Kaeo, providing free care to those who need it.

'It is so sad that we see that in NZ' – charity dentist sees weekly DIY tooth extractions

"Hard working" New Zealanders are unable to afford the treatment, says Dr Assil Russell.

Cash-strapped residents of the Hawke's Bay town are keen to take up the volunteer dentists' services.

The cost of dental care in New Zealand: Jim Anderton's 'unfinished project'

Free oral care, wider fluoridation, and introducing subsidies are just some proposals from across the political spectrum.

National’s Judith Collins and Labour’s Phil Twyford.

National warns of roading threat, but Government calls it 'pure Opposition politicking'

Last week, the National Party launched a bid to "save" regional highway projects.

Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland of Norway Women U23 and Kristin Grubka of United States of America USA Women U23.

Waikato researcher delves into 'taboo' topic of periods in elite athletes

Menstrual cycles of elite athletes can be anywhere between 20 days and three months.

Massive sugar find in NZ drinks spur renewed calls for sugar tax

The UK was found to have "upwards of 40-50% less sugar".

Watch: Spectacular footage taken by Kiwi woman shows ash pluming from volatile Bali volcano

Authorities have raised the volcano alert to the highest level as Mount Agung threatens to erupt.

Syrian refugee after 2,000 plants decimated by vandals

Kiwis condemn vandals who wrecked Syrian refugee's garden, but hit back to 'kill it with kindness'

Khaled's plants were destroyed, but New Zealanders want to "right the wrong".

Syrian refugee after 2,000 plants decimated by vandals

Massive 'outpouring of love and support' for Syrian refugee after 2000 plants decimated by vandals

Khaled Al Jouja grows food to feed needy kids, and had just launched a pop-up nursery.

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