Anna Burns-Francis
Holdens get three years of free servicing from the dealership, but not so with Holden HSVs, Steve Rangihuna was told.
Holden HSV owner feeling burned after dealer says he doesn’t actually own a Holden
Nicole and Dale Cooley were left in the lurch, and out of pocket, by Richard Hadlow of Popup Homes.
Fair Go: Pop-up home dreams go sour for Nelson couple after supplier fails to deliver, and won't hand their money back
Leigh Buttar thought she was covered when bad weather meant she missed her cruise from Brisbane.
Southland woman wins travel insurance battle after company had refused to pay
Fair Go: Wellington couple incur hefty costs for small change to airline booking
Being able to afford your own home is rapidly becoming a thing of the past for a lot of New Zealanders. But there are potential pitfalls with one alternative.
Tiny house builder disappears, leaving no sign of Kiwi couple's dream home
Seeing your favourite band, or singer, performing live should be a magical night out  – unless of course it isn’t.
Fair Go: The Katy Perry gig that might be the worst concert experience ever
Fair Go: Police called as show tries to track down car dealer Paul Tweedie
Police arrived last night at the property revealed to be the home of Brenton Tarrant, the man accused of the terrorist attack.
South Otago gun club 'very shocked' member is the accused Christchurch mosque gunman
If you’ve been stung for being in a bus lane sooner than you should be, you’re not alone.
Fair Go: Motorists caught out by bus lane cameras questioning whether fines are revenue-gathering scheme
TVNZ1’s Fair Go explains.
'Puts you off travelling' - Kiwi in five-month wrangle after travel agent's Mongolia flight fail
The agency is trying to stop the Switzerland-based ticket reselling website.
Hundreds of All Blacks fans denied entry to Test matches after buying tickets from Viagogo
Three-year-old Joel's Christmas present is considered potentially toxic, along with chalk watercolour paints and felt tips.
Crayons for little Joel's Christmas destroyed by NZ Customs
"We were stuck, the four of us were stuck. And it was scary," Dunedin student Devon Kilkelly told Fair Go.
Fair Go: Travel agent stuff-up sends Kiwi travellers to the wrong African country
The guests who stayed in Marie's Cloud Inn-managed room the previous night returned to fleece her.
Fair Go: Wellington mum 'gobsmacked' after Auckland hotel burglary due to botched security
Kiwi businesses revamping online questionnaires to be more gender-inclusive
The process of building a new home doesn’t always end in a happy ever after scenario.
Watch: Kiwi family tells of new home build horror story
Luke’s car was smashed by thieves, but it was his insurance company that got him really upset.
Auckland man whose car was trashed by thieves finally wins battle with insurance company
The customer’s car engine is stuffed after a visit to the business.
Car sits at panel beaters for three months in wrangle over flooded engine
Fair Go has the password that re-unites a mother and daughter with their lost loved one.
Most read: Nelson woman delighted after Apple unlocks late husband's iPhone, to access precious memories
The saga of the Oke family's treehouse went nationwide, but now, the young boys who want to enjoy it can do so.
Most read: Dunedin family forced to remove treehouse over privacy concerns gets a new, compliant, structure
Many New Zealanders have been left out of pocket.
Viagogo in the spotlight again after Kiwi woman sold P!nk concert tickets with same name as the company's former vice president
It's been claimed to be an eyesore, and the Waimate shed is disturbing the peace and tranquillity.
Simple green shed divides neighbours in small south Canterbury town
The treehouse’s owner was notified by the city council that a complaint had been received about it.
Council tells family to remove backyard tree house it says breaches Building Code
Customers of Cemented by H says they've had missed orders and undelivered refunds, now the company is suspending orders.
Most read: Ashburton company selling collectables shuts doors after dozens of complaints
Black hole in the south sucking thousands out of wallets of want-to-be astronomers
Becky spent $10,500 plus on a car, that has since been revealed to have a dangerous fault.
Car buyers warned to do background check on their dealer after woman finds 14 decisions against trader
Ticket-scalpers targeted by government in effort to quell fans' anger over legalised price-hiking
Rental car users urged to read fine print after driver forks out $64 for Northern Gateway toll
Fair Go have some really good news for concert fans sick of being ripped off.
Celine Dion fans promised direct access to tickets after outrage over resale mark ups
Less than 24 hours after tickets went on sale, upset Celine Dion fans were on the line to Fair Go, angry about the prices of re-sale seats.
'I want to know how Ticketmaster can allow this to happen?' – fans angry as Celine Dion tickets hit re-sale site, moments after going live