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Three-year-old Joel's Christmas present is considered potentially toxic, along with chalk watercolour paints and felt tips.

Crayons for little Joel's Christmas destroyed by NZ Customs

His Hamilton parents' order of crayons was destroyed because they didn’t have an import permit, Fair Go reports.

"We were stuck, the four of us were stuck. And it was scary," Dunedin student Devon Kilkelly told Fair Go.

Fair Go: Travel agent stuff-up sends Kiwi travellers to the wrong African country

They were stuck in a country they had no intention of visiting, with no way to get usable cash.

The guests who stayed in Marie's Cloud Inn-managed room the previous night returned to fleece her.

Fair Go: Wellington mum 'gobsmacked' after Auckland hotel burglary due to botched security

Marie Donald was looking forward to seeing Katy Perry with her daughter but her trip became a nightmare.


Kiwi businesses revamping online questionnaires to be more gender-inclusive

The move comes after a Kiwi couldn't buy a microwave without declaring if they were male or female.

The process of building a new home doesn’t always end in a happy ever after scenario.

Watch: Kiwi family tells of new home build horror story

There were doors hung the wrong way, outdoor taps connected to the hot water and light switches in the wrong place.

Luke’s car was smashed by thieves, but it was his insurance company that got him really upset.

Auckland man whose car was trashed by thieves finally wins battle with insurance company

Trade Me Insurance took four months to decline Luke Chammen's claim, racking up a big storage bill in the process.

The customer’s car engine is stuffed after a visit to the business.

Car sits at panel beaters for three months in wrangle over flooded engine

It was the simple four-hour fix that took over three months to have fixed.

Fair Go has the password that re-unites a mother and daughter with their lost loved one.

Most read: Nelson woman delighted after Apple unlocks late husband's iPhone, to access precious memories

After Haley Brabant came to Fair Go, Apple assigned an employee to Haley's case and now the phone has been unlocked.

Many New Zealanders have been left out of pocket.

Viagogo in the spotlight again after Kiwi woman sold P!nk concert tickets with same name as the company's former vice president

The Commerce Commission is still investigating Viagogo, after receiving more than 400 complaints about its business practice in New Zealand.

It's been claimed to be an eyesore, and the Waimate shed is disturbing the peace and tranquillity.

Simple green shed divides neighbours in small south Canterbury town

The size of the building has neighbours seeing a very dark shade of red.

The treehouse’s owner was notified by the city council that a complaint had been received about it.

Council tells family to remove backyard tree house it says breaches Building Code

The tree hut was built by Dunedin man Trevor Norman for his grandsons.

Customers of Cemented by H says they've had missed orders and undelivered refunds, now the company is suspending orders.

Most read: Ashburton company selling collectables shuts doors after dozens of complaints

After customers of Cemented H told of missed orders and undelivered refunds, company suspends orders.


Black hole in the south sucking thousands out of wallets of want-to-be astronomers

Customers say were never supplied the goods from a telescope dealer.

Becky spent $10,500 plus on a car, that has since been revealed to have a dangerous fault.

Car buyers warned to do background check on their dealer after woman finds 14 decisions against trader

Fair Go reports Rebecca Mildren found a dangerous fault in the vehicle she bought that forced her off the road.


Ticket-scalpers targeted by government in effort to quell fans' anger over legalised price-hiking

Consumer Affairs minister Kris Faafoi wants to combat seemingly legitimate websites selling tickets with a huge mark up.

Rental car users urged to read fine print after driver forks out $64 for Northern Gateway toll

John Byrne didn't realise Go Rentals charges an admin fee of $25 each time it pays for a toll on behalf of a customer.

Fair Go have some really good news for concert fans sick of being ripped off.

Celine Dion fans promised direct access to tickets after outrage over resale mark ups

Fans across the country were furious after missing out on tickets.

Less than 24 hours after tickets went on sale, upset Celine Dion fans were on the line to Fair Go, angry about the prices of re-sale seats.

'I want to know how Ticketmaster can allow this to happen?' – fans angry as Celine Dion tickets hit re-sale site, moments after going live

Hundreds who missed tickets have contacted Fair Go after discovering plenty available at inflated prices.

Anna Burns-Francis catches up with Tracey Strachan and Ali McWatters, who just wanted a perfect overseas wedding.

'Dream come true' as same-sex couple denied their island wedding prize tie knot in Hawaii

Tracey Strachan and Ali McWatters won a wedding in the Cook Islands but same-sex marriage is illegal there.

A mix-up - followed by mixed messaging - has got a family questioning the safety of their gas cylinder.

Fair Go: How safe is your hot water system?

A mix-up - followed by mixed messaging - has got a family questioning the safety of their gas cylinder.

Bad weather ruins a couple's dream holiday and, despite being fully insured, they are left thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Kiwi couple left out of pocket when travel insurance company refuses to pay out over 'foreseeable weather event'

Cromwell resident Leigh Buttars had a travel claim turned down despite the weather event that caused her problems never being forecast.

Are Beehive safety matches a little too safe, wonders Louisa Allwood.

'Try again' – Tauranga woman left frustrated after matches fail to light

Louisa Allwood wonders if Beehive safety matches are a little too safe.

Ayla is a happy toddler, but because of her condition, her family has to pay more for insurance.

'It's not an illness or a disease' – family left confused after extra travel insurance charge for two-year-old with Down's syndrome

Ayla is a happy toddler, but because of her condition, her family has to pay more for insurance.

Annette Brons says her ticket was torn up in Bangkok despite having a doctor's certificate that says she was fit to fly.

'I was begging, please let us on the flight' - Rotorua woman refused passage despite getting medical clearance

Qantas refused to allow Annette Brons on to a flight from Bangkok, despite her doctor saying she was healthy.

Water is essential to our survival, but sadly, that can make us vulnerable to those selling over-priced and sub-standard water purifying devices.

Lab tests pour cold water on claims jug can remove fluoride from tap water

However, the jug's Californian inventor says he has not had a single complaint in 23 years of business.

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