Alison Pugh
Sanitarium is trying to block the importation of Weetabix.
Battle of the breakfast biscuits heats up as Sanitarium takes Weetabix importer to High Court
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will all be visible from Earth, getting many excited about the rare opportunity.
Stargazers rejoice as four brightest planets in solar system line up for easy viewing
A major insurer has set a deadline of next week for homeowners to take court action.
Time nearly up for thousands of quake-affected Canterbury home owners who want to take legal action
Three trillion tonnes of ice have disappeared in 25 years through ocean-driven ice melt and ice-shelf collapse.
Antarctica lost three trillion tonnes of ice in last 25 years - 'The brakes have come off'
Greenery, paved public spaces and potential pavilion are in the plans, but progress on the Cathedral itself is stalled.
Revamped design for Christchurch's Cathedral Square 'visionary' say business leaders
It’s an important milestone in the restoration of the Arts Centre.
'It's just really neat' - For first time since Christchurch earthquakes, the city's 140-year-old clock is ticking again
The Government’s eradication strategy has a more than 50 per cent chance of succeeding.
‘It doesn’t work’ – Farmers question effectiveness of MPI’s Mycoplasma bovis testing
Students Against Dangerous Driving  are campaigning to highlight the deadly trend of mobile use behind the wheel.
Kiwi students forfeit mobiles for 48 hours to fight 'endemic' and deadly car phone use
Floating and amphibious homes could be in store for Christchurch's residential red zone.
Watch: Christchurch gets a look at options for transforming 600ha red zone
The Government has assigned funds to a tribunal and independent inquiry, as well to accelerate anchor projects like the stadium.
'They're just going through the motions' - Christchurch homeowners criticise Budget's quake recovery funding
First Union says it's received thousands of complaints from disgruntled current and former staff.
Other industries raise concerns after retail workers claim they are working unpaid overtime
Sergeant Clem Edmonds, 74, started working for the Traffic Department in 1969.
NZ's oldest police officer retiring after 49 years in a job that saw him marry woman he pulled over for speeding
There are now 35 infected farms nationwide.
'It’s quite heart-breaking' - Farmers affected with cow disease mycoplasma bovis slam official response
A $75 million blowout has forced the Minister to strip back the 'extravagant' original design.
Christchurch sports celebrate as Metro Sports Facility keeps its capacity despite $50m cuts
The surprise announcement for Alf and Hazel Peacock added a great touch to today's ceremony.
'Tears in the eyes' - couple who met serving in WWII given special award for Anzac Day
The Government has pulled the plug on several irrigation projects, but farmers say they are now at increased risk from drought.
'It's a sad place to be' - South Island farmers reeling after large irrigation projects scrapped
A 54-year-old man has been charged who is acquainted with the victim after a robbery "gone wrong" in a Merivale yesterday.
Man charged with murder after 27-year-old woman found dead in Christchurch residence
The Earthquake Commission has admitted to 1 NEWS the owners could be completely unaware of the problems.
Thousands of Christchurch homeowners 'in limbo' over unknown quake damage
One Beltex ram sold for $15,000 at the auction in mid-Canterbury.
Sheep breed new to NZ fetches record prices at first auction
Hundreds have fare-welled the birds around the country this weekend as they prepare to leave.
Growing fears for godwit birds as they begin epic trek from NZ to Alaska
More than 2500 claims remain unsettled with the Earthquake Commission alone.
'You can't move on' - Jacinda Ardern meets with fed up earthquake claimants in Christchurch
One home was completely destroyed.
Canterbury families without homes for Christmas after fire rips through farmland
Warm weather saw thousands pour through the turnstiles by lunchtime.
Christchurch's 155th A&P show opens with a bang
It's the first time a small home has won the award and industry leaders say it points to the future of housing.
'People want to live in small homes' - small home takes out supreme award at Architectural Design Awards
Halle Pitama's goal is to increase the use of Te Reo Maori on social media sites.
'I want to see Maori on social media' - Kiwi schoolgirl heads to Silicon Valley after making Te Reo video
Today the group in charge of Christchurch's quake stricken land revealed how the suburban area could be revived.
'This is a sensitive matter for people' – housing is back on the agenda for Christchurch’s abandoned 'redzone'
Peter John Carroll has denied bashing 36-year-old Marcus Luke Tucker to death with a steering wheel lock.
Man found guilty of murdering Christchurch father of three
Peter John Carroll has denied bashing 36-year-old Marcus Luke Tucker to death with a steering wheel lock.
'His nose and teeth were broken' – mistaken identity blamed for brutal killing of Christchurch man
Test results for the crop ecotain plantain show massive reductions in nitrate leaching.
Scientists hail 'significant' discovery about old weed that could be game-changer for dairy
Over half of the church's synod has voted to reinstate the building damaged in the Christchurch earthquake.
Anglican Church votes to reinstate beloved Christ Church Cathedral