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Complaints about second hand car dealers are on the rise.

Consumer ratings website aims to eliminate cowboy car dealers as complaints rise

Last year, there were more than 400 complaints to the Commerce Commission about vehicle sales.

A trader works in a booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, December 27, 2018.

KiwiSavers warned of market volatility risks

Principal at investment advisory MyFiduciary, Chris Douglas, said he's not sure if January would be as rocky as last month.

Women at meeting.

Debt and finances top of worry list for Māori - survey

The Māori National Authority plans to share the results of the survey with Ministers and heads of government organisations.

Claire Matthews says people should be looking to make active decisions around where their funds are kept, and invested.

Why is my Kiwisaver going down? Bank economists say Kiwisaver balance dropping is completely normal

Declines of somewhere in the region of five per cent have been seen by some Kiwisaver account holders over the past week.

The Financial Markets Authority has some tips on how to reduce risk as you grow your money.

Watch: How best to invest your hard earned cash

Are there options to reduce those risks while growing your money?

All parents want at least one thing for their children – to give them a life where they can achieve anything they want.

Is KiwiSaver or the bank the best way to save for your kids’ future?

Two parents have just launched their own KiwiSaver provider, specially targeting young people.

It follows a string of revelations from a high level inquiry in Australia.

Aussie-owned banks in NZ being asked to prove they're not ripping off Kiwi customers

Banks' bad behaviour has been exposed at the Financial Services Royal Commission in Australia.

New Zealand cash, money or currency. Notes and coins

Banking expert says investigation into Australian bank behaviour isn't necessary this side of the Tasman

Claire Matthews says while the behaviour in Australia has been "undesirable", she's confident the New Zealand branches of the Australian-owned banks operate differently here.

Mr Morgan says the government should be means testing those claiming their state pension, so only those who need it get it.

Gareth Morgan doesn't want his Super as he turns 65, says NZ needs means-testing

Mr Morgan questions why taxpayers are paying for those who can easily afford to look after themselves.

NZ musicians are being asked to send footage of them singing a Six60 song, the best one will record with the band.

Kiwi band Six60 to help budding artists - 'We'll pick one person to come and sing a song with us'

Young musicians are being asked to send footage of them singing a Six60 song.

New New Zealand 10 dollar and 5 dollar notes and coins.

Kiwi up as US govt shutdown looms

The kiwi gained to US73.08c as at 8.30am on Friday from US72.60c Thursday.

Liz Dudson says some New Zealanders  are paying $2000 a year in credit card interest.

Kiwis lax attitude to credit card debt highlighted in study

Financial advisor Liz Dudson says too much debt "limits your choices".

'It's ridiculous' - Consumer NZ says Kiwi banks should follow their Aussie parents and abolish ATM fees

The four big Aussie banks yesterday dropped 'other bank' fees amid political pressure - but ANZ says it has no plans to do so in New Zealand.

Andrew Little is promising to scrap National's planned tax cuts, and introduce a winter payment for pensioners and beneficiaries.

New Labour policy promises an extra $48 per week for low and middle income families

Labour would use the $1.5 billion saved in their alternative budget to award tax credits to 30,000 more families.

Reviews are underway into the system used by a lines company in the region, which has previously been looked at by the Commerce Commission.

Vector Energy to return $13.9 million to Aucklanders overcharged for electricity

The Commerce Commission today Vector was "unreasonable" in changing price tariffs.

We take a look at how retailers tap into some of our most basic instincts to get us to part with our hard earned cash.

Tricks of the shopping trade to get consumers to buy their stuff

We take a look at how retailers tap into some of our most basic instincts to get us to part with our hard earned cash.

An unexpected extension on a Bali holiday cost a group of lads a small fortune.

Group stranded in Bali due to plane problems but their insurance company didn't cover them

The bunch on Kiwi lads initially ended up around $700 each out of pocket.

How is it OK for concert tickets to be re-sold at up to 20-times their face value?

Ticket scalping site Viagogo under investigation after hundreds of complaints from customers

Fair Go has exclusively revealed tonight the Commerce Commission has begun preliminary enquiries into the way the international ticketing site works.

Customers at some outlets can now pay just a fraction of a garment's price and pay later - but experts are warning them to be careful.

New layby pay system reaches NZ, concerned consumer watchdog calls on Commerce Commission to investigate

Buyers own the items after making the first weekly payment in the new model.

The law changed in February after concerns raised in the leaked Panama Papers.

New disclosure rules sees sharp drop in registered foreign trusts

New rules came into effect in February after last year's Panama Papers investigation showed New Zealand was being used to hide assets and cash.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance has apologised for the incident, saying it was a unique situation they have learnt from.

'Insulting and distressing' - amputee's prosthetic leg considered 'baggage' by insurance company

"They're a part of my identity and a part of my independence," Sarah said.

We shed some light on the finer points of insurance policies.

Does life really mean life when it comes to insurance?

We shed some light on the finer points of insurance policies.

International wire transfers of $1,000 and domestic transactions greater than $10,000 will soon be reported to police.

Privacy concerns raised as government cracks down on money laundering

From November 1, banks need to hand over personal information to police for transfers exceeding $10,000 locally and $1,000 internationally.

Lydia Harvey and her family are trying to do what seems utterly impossible – live off their backyard for one whole year.

The lure of the supermarket remains, even if you've vowed to give it up for good

Our columnist Lydia Harvey's willpower was tested when her children were hungry after an exhausting hiking trip.

Fair Go goes into bat for a 17-year-old whose dream car turned out to be a lemon.

'Take someone, a support person' – AA's essential advice after teen's nightmare with first car

"Things just kept getting worse and worse," a 17-year-old told Fair Go.

A National-led Govt will increase the entitlement age will rise to 67, starting in 20 years' time.

'Ham fisted, clumsy' - Little blasts English's 'botched' super age decision

Reaction has been swift and negative to the PM's announcement the age for super will go up to 67 in 2040.

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