Wellington mayor plans to give train conductor an award after dealing with racially abusive passenger

How far would you go to take a stand against racism?

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JJ Phillips insists she was just doing her job insists she was just doing her job despite the praise. Source: 1 NEWS

One Wellington rail conductor has won praise after stopping a train and ordering a passenger off when the teenager abused other people.

The train had left Wellington station and was on its way to Upper Hutt on Thursday night when the teenage girl started berating three passengers who were speaking Hindi.

The conductor JJ Phillips was alerted to the abuse by a commuter and confronted the young woman.

"She started swearing at them. Telling them to F off and F off back to their own country," said JJ Phillips.

Ms Phillips said she asked the young woman to stop or get off the train but she carried on seemingly unfazed.

One of the men on the receiving end of the abuse apologised and said he would speak English but that didn’t resolve things, said Ms Phillips.

"So I said to her you’re getting off at this stop and she goes no I'm not. And I go well if you're not getting off this train isn't moving until you get off and she shrugged her shoulders at me and I said right I'm calling the cops."

The train was held up for 20 minutes at Ngauranga station while the police came. They asked the teen to apologise which she did and she’s been referred to Youth Aid.

Ms Philips returned to the train and apologised to passengers for the delay then made a speech which the whole carriage applauded.

“I said that no one should have to condone this type of behaviour especially after the 15th of March events.”

“We are all one nation, one person.”

“I didn't think I was going to come out with that,” said Ms Phillips.

Colleagues, commuters and the mayor have praised her actions. The Human Rights Commission has published her speech online with a message for people to “be like JJ.”

Wellington’s mayor Justin Lester said her actions were even more important following the mosque attacks and he plans to give her an award.

But Ms Phillips simply sees her actions as doing her job.

“That's what we do. We are here for the care and safety of passengers."