Cuba Street festival's move indoors doesn’t deter thousands of music fans

The Christchurch terrorist attack is forcing event’s organisers to reconsider how they might hold large outdoor festivals.

One of our biggest street festivals, CubaDupa in Wellington, moved its performances indoors this weekend because of the heightened security risk.

Estimates of close to 100-thousand concert goes crowded into the Capital over the weekend – undeterred by the change of venue.

“I think we would be pretty close to what we would normally have on a beautiful sunny weekend.” Said Cubadupa organiser Drew James, “we haven’t been able to close the roads but people flowing from one venue to the other.”

They came to see about 300 performances. from home and abroad.

The New Orleans band Cha Wa bringing the costumes and sounds of Mardi Gras Indians.

An African American tradition that honours Native Americans for helping shield runaway slaves in the 1800s.

Closer to home, a collaboration between the Wellington and Pacifica orchestras paid homage to journeys across the South Pacific.

“In the climate of New Zealand at the moment it's special to be able to do music that celebrate immigration and the courage it takes to take that journey,” said conductor Brent Stewart.

The free festival's goal is to celebrate diversity from all walks of life.

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Event organisers are reconsidering logistics of outdoor festivals after Christchurch terrorist attack. Source: 1 NEWS

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