Zero hour contracts to become legal despite government promises

Zero hour contracts will be enshrined into law – despite a government pledge to get rid of them.

Labour is crying foul over proposed employment law changes despite the Government promising a new bill has gotten rid of them. Source: 1 NEWS

ONE News political reporter Katie Bradford has the latest from Parliament. Source: 1 NEWS

A parliamentary select committee is due to report back today on a bill that aims to protect workers on contracts that require them to be available to work but don't provide set hours.

But ONE News understands that rather than getting rid of the contracts the bill will make them lawful.

Workers though, will have to be paid "reasonable compensation" if they are asked to be available for work.

The Unite Union launched a campaign last year after workers complained about being told to be on call and available for work but not paid.

This led to Workplace Relations Minister promising to get rid of the contracts and to introduce provisions to stop workers being abused.

The level of reasonable compensation has not been defined and unions and Labour are warning it could end up in court, with a court having to come up with a definition.