'Is that your Jenny?' - Parents of Invercargill nurse who helped treat Boris Johnson inundated with calls

The phone's been ringing non-stop in the McGee household and those calling are wanting to know one thing – “Is that your Jenny?”

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Jenny McGee's parents had an inkling but didn’t know for sure that their daughter was looking after the world leader until this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwi nurse Jenny McGee was singled out as helping save British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s life while he fought against Covid-19 in a London hospital.

Her parents, Mike and Caroline McGee, say their daughter’s work makes them feel “exceptionally proud.”

“She said she had just had the most surreal time of her life, something she will never forget and that she had been taking care of Boris,” Caroline McGee told 1 NEWS.

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Caroline and Mike McGee say it doesn’t matter who their daughter Jenny cared for, it’s simply what she does and they find it incredible. Source: 1 NEWS

The 36-year-old has been working in the UK for about eight years. She'd only recently returned to the frontline after visiting her parents in Nelson.

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Boris Johnson thanks Kiwi nurse 'Jenny from Invercargill' for her care during his hospital stay

“She reassured us that the National Health Service was ready and trained for the Covid outbreak that was coming their way,” says Mr McGee.

“She's more worried about us keeping ourselves safe here back in New Zealand.”

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Ms Ardern said she had sent a personal message to Jenny McGee on Facebook thanking her. Source: 1 NEWS

Back in London, getting out the door was trickier than usual for the nurse, with UK media already waiting outside when she left to go to the hospital.

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Jacinda Ardern sends personal thanks to 'Jenny from Invercargill' who treated Boris Johnson

Jenny’s father says the work she’s doing there is what “our own nurses in New Zealand are doing and nurses and doctors are doing all round the world.”