Will your insurance premiums go up because of climate change?

The Insurance Council is asking consumers to read between the lines as to whether insurance rates will be affected by the fact 2017 has been the most expensive year on record for weather related financial losses.

The Insurance Council says 2017 has been the most expensive year on record for weather-related financial losses. Source: 1 NEWS

With events like Cyclone Debbie costing insurance claims of more than $90 million, the Insurance Council has pointed the finger at climate change being a factor in the record breaking year.

"There is no collusion in terms of determination of price but I'll leave it over to people to work out that if matters become highly, probably or certain.

"There is only one response the insurance sector can make," Tim Grafton from the Insurance Council of NZ says.

After wet weather events caused the brunt of headaches in 2017, a hot and dry Kiwi summer may pose new challenges, as the agriculture industry wonders how climate change will effect their industry in the new year.