Is your child's toy listening to your conversations?




As more and more devices with voice message capabilities enter our lives, experts are warning consumers to be aware their messages are vulnerable to hacks.

A breach saw voice messages from toys leaked online, and there's concern it's only going to get worse.
Source: 1 NEWS

A breach last week saw two million voice messages from toys connected to the internet leaked online, and there's concerns it's only going to get worse.

Technology commentator Peter Griffin says more breaches are possible as more devices such as kettles, washing machines and fridges with internet capabilities hit the market.

"When you've got children involved there's a heightened level sensitivity around this stuff," he said.

"This is an explosion of this technology, there's going to be lots of players, we can trust the big ones, maybe not so much the smaller ones."

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says everyone should be aware of the risks, with the privacy of a household under threat of being compromised should another hack take place.

With the microphone on cell phones making it an active listening device - and your laptop and smart TV - they also can be hacked.

Experts says if you don't want it listening to you, switch it off.

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