'Your bro is glistening' - Christmas carol gets a down under makeover for Air NZ video




A video hitting Air New Zealand's social media pages this morning has Irish crooner Ronan Keating and young Kiwi actor Julian Dennison giving a Christmas carol from the Northern Hemisphere a downunder makeover. 

Songs about sleigh bells, snow and roaring fires don't really scream 'Kiwi Christmas'. 

Finally Christmas carols that make sense! "I'm gonna stop you there Ronan, it doesn't really snow down here!"
Source: Seven Sharp

So, Seven Sharp reported, Air New Zealand roped in Hunt for the Wilderpeople movie star Julian Dennison and Ronan Keating to give Christmas classic Walking in a Winter Wonderland a makeover from downunder.

"Sleigh bells ring are you listening? " Keating sang in a recording studio.

"I'm gonna stop you there, Ronan," Dennison interrupted.

"It doesn't really snow down here. So, um, let's go with 'your bro is glistening'." 

And 14-year-old Dennison chipped in with other ideas to change the lyrics.

"I was also thinking jandals - like popping the plug out of your jandals, sand in your togs, and oh yeah, pohutukawas."

Dennison told Seven Sharp the video was shot in Sydney, revealing, "I actually had to do an exam before going on the flight."

Keating told the programme the heat in this part of the world for Christmas is "very odd".

"I definitely want to try a Christmas downunder, for sure." 

The full video is on Air New Zealand's social media pages from 6am today and you can also download the song and kick your caroling into full swing.

The airline hopes the video will entice Northern Hemisphere people to take a holiday downunder during the New Zealand summer.

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