Young-at-heart Auckland retirement village residents give pole dancing a go

The ancient art of pole dancing has been around for centuries, and in recent years has swept the globe as a way to keep fit.  

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Bupa Sunset Retirement Village invited Seven Sharp along to give it a go. Source: Seven Sharp

Pole dancing can be for anyone, and to prove that theory, some spritely young-at-heart residents of Bupa Sunset Retirement Village invited Seven Sharp along last week, when Auckland was at Alert Level 1, to give it a go. 

Bupa’s Donna Price said residents at the Blockhouse Bay village loved to push the limits “and have lots of fun”.

Gerald Osborne, 85, is among those getting in on the action. 

“I’ve just started to work on the pole. We’ve never done it before, it’s all new,” he said.

Kathleen Hay, 89, chose to live in a retirement village for the lifestyle. 

“I’ve been determined to enjoy everything about it,” she said. 

“A lot of people have the wrong connotations. There’s a few here that said, ‘Oh, no, not pole dancing.' 

“But pole exercise I’ve seen on the telly and I think it’s very interesting. A couple of them have got gorgeous bodies.”

Watch Seven Sharp’s Laura Daniel give it a go in the video above.