'You took my child' - sex worker's mother screams at man accused of killing her daughter

"You took my child, my child, my child".

Renee Duckmanton's family is hoping safer streets could prevent someone else suffering their loved one's fate. Source: 1 NEWS

That's what Renee Duckmanton's mother screamed at the man accused of murdering her daughter, before collapsing in sobs.

The 32-year old-man charged with the murder of Ms Duckmanton, 22, appeared in the High Court in Christchurch this morning.

Renee Duckmanton is the fourth sex worker to die in the city in the past decade. Source: Breakfast

Miss Duckmanton was last seen alive in Christchurch's red light district on May 14.

Security footage shows her near the intersection of Manchester and Peterborough streets about 9pm.

Her badly burnt body was found near a scrub fire on Main Rakaia Road about 7.40pm the next day.

Anna Reid of the Prostitutes Collective says Renee Duckmanton didn't appear to mingle with other sex workers. Source: 1 NEWS

Police seized several vehicles and investigated four homes across the city over the following days.

As a result, they arrested and charged a 32-year-old man within two weeks.

Detective Inspector Darryl Sweeney said at the time, "It is important that we acknowledge the continued victimisation of the women working on Manchester St".

"Police will be working with other agencies to consider what measures can be put in place to this address this."

Name suppression continues for the accused man while his lawyer applies for an appeal of its lapse.

He will appear in the High Court in Christchurch on August 19 for a case review hearing.

'It was incredibly awkward' – ONE News team takes brunt of Fijian leader's tirade during state banquet

ONE News, you have been warned.

That was the stern message Fiji's leader Frank Bainimarama fired at a ONE News team that attended a state banquet in Fiji last night.

But political reporter Andrea Vance says she's not backing down on her "ps and qs" that easily.

Our political reporter Andrea Vance, and the ONE News team, became the targets of Frank Bainimarama's ire last night. Source: Breakfast

The affair became "incredibly awkward" last night, when Mr Bainimarama turned to address the media in a pre-dinner speech.

Ms Vance said Mr Bainimarama turned to the media and delivered a tirade that was "clearly directed at ONE News".

In his speech, he accused certain journalists of being hostile and unbalanced in their reporting. 

As a result of that perception, Mr Bainimarama has blacklisted and banned some international journalists from entering Fiji- and will continue to do so.

On the list is ONE News' Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver.

Frank Bainimarama accused some journalists of being hostile and unbalanced and will leave bans in place, including on TVNZ's Barbara Dreaver. Source: 1 NEWS

This morning on TVNZ's Breakfast, Ms Vance said Mr Bainimarama's tirade strongly referenced ONE News.

In response to Mr Bainimarama's speech, Prime Minister John Key said he would take his comments on board.

He kept his speech and response quite short, considering he was about to sit next to Mr Bainimarama to dine on a fish dinner.


'You have a skill, so let's use it' – Kiwi fashion designers band together to fight domestic violence

Driven to action by the horrific story of Moko, Angela Bevan has produced a fundraising zine featuring children wearing clothes from top designers. Source: Breakfast