What you need to know about driving during the coronavirus lockdown

Roads were noticeably quieter throughout New Zealand this morning as Kiwis woke up to the first day of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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Mike Thorpe looks at the do’s and don’ts on the roads over the next month. Source: Seven Sharp

So do our vehicles count as self-isolation?

Seven Sharpe's Mike Thorpe looked into what we should and shouldn't do on the roads over the coming month.

The only real excuse for traveling now is to the supermarket, a pharmacy or medical centre, or if you're involved in essential services.

Public transport will still run .but with restrictions. They are for those needing medical attention, or going to the supermarket as well as those involved in essential services.

For those same reasons you can still grab a cab or an Uber, but you can't order Uber Eats - takeaways that deliver have been suspended.

And if you are using ride share, keep your distance as best as possible.

What if your warrant of fitness is due while we are at alert level 4?

Well the insurance council says not to worry - you'll still be covered, as long as there isn't an existing safety issue that might fail your warrant.

If you have an accident while using your car for an essential reason, your cover will continue as long as the cause of the accident isn't related to a reason why your car might fail a warrant.

Watch the full story in the video above.