'You need to front up and tell us what you know' – Hilary Barry challenges Bill English over Todd Barclay saga

The Prime Minister faced another day of tough questioning over the Todd Barclay secret recording scandal which has rocked the National Party.

The PM faced another day of tough questioning over the scandal which has rocked the National Party. Source: Breakfast

The Prime Minister continues to take a hammering from rival parties. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann grills the Prime Minister on the scandal that rocked the National Party this week. Source: Q+A

Mike Hosking says the Todd Barclay drama will not affect the Government where it really matters - in the polls. Source: Seven Sharp

Bill English has stuck to his guns despite strong questioning this morning on his knowledge and handling of the situation.

Speaking with TVNZ 1 Breakfast presenter Hilary Barry this morning Mr English reiterated that he has been answering questions about the case to media and hasn't deliberating been hiding any information.

He did admit that his communication could have better, however.

"I haven't communicated as clearly as I liked," he said. 

"You're looking for detailed recall of discussions had up to 12, 18 months ago."

When asked if he had anything he’d like to add about the case which he'd held back from the media, Mr English said "no".

"I've done the things I should have done. I’ve spoken to the police and the relevant party officials about issues that concerned me at the time."

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