Are you making the most of the Government’s improved Covid-Tracer App?

Those of us in Auckland woke up to a very different reality this morning, with the region entering Level 3 lockdown restrictions from noon yesterday.

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The app has recently changed making it more user-friendly. Source: Seven Sharp

But those outside our biggest city are not immune to the worry that Covid-19 is back in our community.

The Government tracer app has recently changed, making it much easier to use, but are we using it?

While it initially used QR codes to help trace where users have been, the app now allows for manual entries with the option to add your location and who you were with.

A contact alert can also be sent via the app if you have been at the same location at around the same time as someone who has since tested positive for the virus.

To find out more about the more user-friendly Covid Tracer app, click on the video above.