'Are you looking for a girl or an ego boost' - NZ dating guru provides perfect Tinder profile for $300

The world of online dating is fraught with possibility and with pressure.

So how do you maximise your chances of finding that special one?

According to dating guru Emily McLean, Kiwi men need help in this department, and she runs a business called Matchstick Dating, that for $300 can do just that.

And when it comes to Tinder, Kiwi men are apparently making a lot of mistakes.

“They're doing a lot wrong on the dating scene. Firstly, putting shirtless selfies up, they're more Country Calendar rather than metro chic,” Emily says.

Some of the specific mistakes Kiwi men make on their Tinder profiles are an overemphasis on tattoos, cars and animals they’ve just killed - and it sends the wrong message.

"That's exactly what's wrong. They're looking for other males to hang out with, not a girlfriend,” Emily says.

“There are a lot of dead animals in photos, fishing shots.”

Another error is including photos with other girls in them.

"That's a no-no, if it's a group it's ok, but having other women can be very intimidating when swiping, and gives a bad impression,” Emily says.

“I mean are you looking for a girl or an ego boost,”

And Emily has a theory on why the guys are getting it so wrong.

"Men don't spend time getting the perfect selfie before they go out, or ask mates to take a nice photo of them,” she says

“So I can support and help, get something they feel comfortable with."

Like it or hate it, it’s a modern solution to a modern dating game.