'You idiots, Google it' - Jack Tame fires up over commenters asking 'where's International Men's Day?'

TVNZ 1 Breakfast host Jack Tame says he's sick of men asking "what about International Men's day?" every year on International Women's Day.

The Breakfast host struggled to hide his exasperation at the comments he had been reading online. Source: Breakfast

International Women's Day is officially recognised by the UN as taking place on March 8 since 1975, and was celebrated yesterday in New Zealand.

It commemorates the themes of women's rights, equality and feminism, with issues ranging from ending violence against women, pay equality, female activism and career equality.

An exasperated Tame said he had been reading comments on stories about the day, and had been very disappointed to see some men asking for a male equivalent.

"There's probably less reason to celebrate International Men's Day, but there are so many idiots who go online and write 'oh, well what about International Men's Day?," Tame said.

"There is an International Men's Day - Google it - it's in November, I'm sure you can celebrate."

International Men's Day takes place on November 19 each year, and observations of this day have taken place in many countries since about 1994.

In the past, Men's Day has commemorated themes of male lifespan, safety, reproductive options and male suicide - this year's theme will be positive male role models.