'You have tailored what you say' - defence says teen left for dead had memories of incident filled in by police


A teenager who was dumped on a country road north of Auckland unconscious and with life-threatening injuries has been told by a defence lawyer that she can't fully remember what occurred the night she was attacked because of the severity of her head injuries.

Five people face charges of assault, kidnapping and attempted murder of the 19-year-old.
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The woman, who has name suppression, was allegedly the victim of two kidnappings and five people are facing a number of charges including kidnapping, sexual assault and assault.

The victim, at the time a 19-year-old sex worker, told the court yesterday she had trouble remembering because of her injuries, but could recall being hit in the head and thinking she was going to die.

Under cross-examination this morning, defence lawyer Julie-Ann Kincade said that because of the severity of her injuries, her memories of the night were promoted by police who filled in the blanks.

"You have tailored what you say on what you've been told."

The victim denied the claim.

"I haven't been told by anyone. Now that I'm getting my head back together, I'm remembering better."

Later, under further cross examination, the witness conceded she had been told some details by her mother and the police.

Police allege she was stripped naked, had her hair chopped off, was subject to beatings and was and sexually violated during a 24 hour ordeal, two weeks after another incident which saw her attacked with a Taser and burning meth pipe. 

Warning: Viewers might find some details in this report to be disturbing.
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One of the defendants is accused of trying to break her neck before attacking her with a hammer.

The trial at the High Court at Auckland continues.

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