'You don't know s*** about him!!!!' - Fed up Hannah Tamaki slams Destiny Church critics after protest targets Christchurch event




Hannah Tamaki, the wife of Destiny Church leader Brian, has posted an angry message online hitting out at perceived hypocrisy among her critics.

Posting yesterday morning, Ms Tamaki came to the defence of her husband after an event in Christchurch was targeted by LGBTI protesters unhappy with Mr Tamaki's speech in September of 2016 implying homosexuality was among the causes of the Christchurch earthquake.

"Everyone is allowed freedom of speech, everyone except Brian Tamaki of course," Ms Tamaki wrote.

"We can all criticise and pretty make up BS about him and NZ will believe it, but Destiny Church followers are the sheep?

Brian Tamaki is given a fair chance to respond to the request over his 'sin' causing earthquakes comments.
Source: Seven Sharp

"We all work hard for out money and can spend it how we choose, but if you support Destiny by giving and helping families in need with your money you're dumb and brainwashed."

She then hit out at those who organised a "big gay party" at the church's Christchurch event, forcing the church the change the venue to a secret location.

"The gay community want to be free to express themselves, to be accepted no matter they look like or what they wear, but Brian better shut [up], he has no right to voice what he believes, and we'll never accept him with greasy hair and tailormade suits."

Destiny Church reportedly asks members to contribute ten per cent of their income to the church.

They have also recently been served with notices by Internal Affairs indicating the charitable status of two of their biggest entities will soon be removed if they don't file a financial return - they are two years behind.

"It's not your money so mind your own business," Ms Tamaki wrote.

On her husband Brian, she said "he has fed thousands of people, he sponsor [sic] children's schooling, he pays taxes.

"They had a house before he was a minister, properties generate wealth too, bloody sick of you ALL, you don't know s*** about him!!!!"

Mr Tamaki, speaking at the secret sermon in Christchurch on Monday, told followers that giving big cash donations to his church "should be normal" as that would indicate they have plenty of money to give.

He also said those who criticised or protested against him were "incredibly jealous of my life".

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