'You can't beat Hamilton's KFC' – Kiwis appear on US breakfast show after KFC wedding day photo goes viral

One Kiwi couple's honeymoon in the US has kicked off in southern style, with bucket-loads of KFC for lunch and dinner, a visit to the KFC Colonel's museum and an appearance on an American breakfast show.

And it's all thanks to a wedding day photo they snapped outside KFC in Whangarei.

Ashleigh and Louis Davis tied the knot on Waitangi Day this year in Whangarei.

Between the ceremony and the reception, the entire wedding party pulled into KFC.

Ashleigh and Louis Davis outside KFC in Whangarei. Source: Facebook/Louis Davis

Louis uploaded the photo to Facebook, where it was liked more than 11,000 times and shared nearly 2000 times.

Among those who caught wind of the photo were officials from the New Zealand branch of KFC.

They decided to foot the bill for Louis and Ashleigh's flights to and from the US for their honeymoon.

Ashleigh and Louis flew to Louisville from Wellington on Wednesday.

After arriving, they spent a day visiting KFC headquarters and taking a tour of the Colonel Sanders Museum before lunch at – you guessed it – KFC.

New Zealand newlyweds Louis and Ashleigh on the couch with presenters from a US breakfast show. Source: Associated Press

Louis and Ashleigh were also guests on American breakfast television show, Great Day Live! 

When asked by a presenter if they were surprised by all the attention the photo received, Ashleigh said, "yeah, I was so shocked at first".

"I was like, Louis what are you doing, don't upload this as your profile photo, this is our first picture people are going to see of our wedding."

Louis told the Breakfast show: "We come from huge Maori families and we only had 150 people at the wedding.

New Zealand Newlyweds Louis and Ashleigh Davis share a kiss in front of the KFC US Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Source: Associated Press

"So, we kept it low key and pretty quiet, then everyone saw it – it was crazy."

Louis said he and Ashleigh also met the president of KFC, who is a Kiwi.

"He studied at the same university as Ashleigh actually – so they had a bit of a moment. It's always awesome to meet another Kiwi when you're on the other side of the world."

New Zealand newlyweds Louis and Ashleigh Davis pose with a statue of Colonel Sanders as they visit the Colonel Sanders Museum on Thursday. Source: Associated Press

The couple were unable to decide if KFC is more delicious in New Zealand or the US, but they enjoyed tasting the offerings from the Louisville menu.

"You can't beat Hamilton's Grey Street KFC at eleven in the morning with your best mates," Louis said.

"Actually I think that's my life motto."

From Louisville, Louis and Ashleigh will head to Orlando, and then take a cruise from Miami, and visit Mexico before flying home.