Yesterday was National MP's 'worst' day in politics – 'Frankly despicable behaviour'

The National Party are looking to "move forward", after a day one MP said could be described as "probably the worst" in his political career.

On TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, MP Chris Bishop spoke of the events after a tumultuous day in New Zealand politics, after Jami-Lee Ross came out swinging against National Party leader Simon Bridges. 

"I've had some great days in politics, being elected was pretty cool, being sworn in," Mr Bishop said. 

"I've had some bad days and yesterday was probably the worst, to be honest."

He said his party expelled Mr Ross for "gross disloyalty, frankly despicable behaviour".

"No political party can tolerate some of the things that Jami-Lee Ross has been going around doing. It was a pretty unique series of events yesterday but we'll get through like the strong team we are and regroup around Simon and move forward from here."

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    Chris Bishop said he’s had some bad days, but “yesterday was probably the worst”. Source: Breakfast

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