'I was yelled at' - baby seated in Wellington train thrown more than a metre after mum not allowed to have pram onboard

A mother is fighting back after her nine-month-old child was thrown across a Wellington train carriage because he was unrestrained.

A health and safety issue mean Emily Broadmoor couldn't leave her two children buckled in their pram. Source: 1 NEWS

Emily Broadmore wanted her two young twins Hugo and Connie left buckled in their pram on the train from Wellington to Masteron, but was told she couldn't because of health and safety reasons.

"When I inquired where I could put the pram... I was yelled at and told that you shouldn't even be travelling with two babies," she said. 

Ms Broadmore first had issues travelling with her children in March, but after assurances from the operator there would be no repeats, Monday's run-in was unexpected. 

She had been told she could put her pram in the designated wheelchair space if it was available, but train staff refused citing health and safety. 

Hugo and Connie were seated and the pram was stored away. 

"I turned momentarily to Connie and he just dived about a metre and a half."

Transdev Wellington, the company who run the service apologised to Ms Broadmore, but the Multiple Birth Association say it should not have come to this. 

"We want to make sure our families are confident that they can go out by themselves with their children," said Ainslee Jacobson of the association. 

However Ms Broadmore's complaints have ensured a change to the company's guidelines. 

"We did immediately make contact with that customer and we had a staff member meet her at Wellington Station and help her," Emily Liddell of Transdev Wellington said.

"We've offered assistance to her for future journeys and clarified with our staff what we expect in that situation, and absolutely we welcome prams on board."