Yacht that sent mayday call off Coromandel found with people on board safe

A yacht that sent a mayday call off the coast of the Coromandel last night has been found, with the people on board safe.

Search area for yacht missing in February 18 Source: Maritime NZ

The Navy’s vessel HMNZS Te Kaha was out searching around Great Mercury Island this morning.

A distress call was received through maritime radio at about 6.30pm yesterday, showing the boat’s location near Waiheke Island.

An initial search of the area failed to locate the yacht and search and rescue agencies believe the yacht may have given an incorrect location.

However, Maritime New Zealand says this afternoon the yacht was located with the people on board believed to be safe.

Senior Search and Rescue Officer, Chris Henshaw, said in a statement at 2.20pm that a vessel advised that it was the one that had broadcast the mayday call.