Xenophobic Right Wing Resistance leader fears 'white race's survival' in NZ

New Zealand allows 750 refugees a year, one of the lowest refugee quotas in the developed world.

But, Masterton scrap metal worker and Right Wing Resistance leader Vaughan Tocker says it's time to close the borders and ensure "the white race's survival".

"We're not allowed to defend ourselves. We're becoming a minority in our own countries," he told Seven Sharp's Jehan Casinader.

"We're just worried about the cultures we're bringing into the country … especially when they're killing and raping white people in their own countries."

We'll be the ones that are unemployed and we'll be the ones that are homeless - Vaughan Tocker

Driven by fear, Mr Tocker said he believed migrants were taking over New Zealand.

"They'll start voting in their own governments, start making their own laws. They've already taken over a lot of our businesses and a lot of our lands.

"We'll be the ones that are unemployed and we'll be the ones that are homeless."

He said diversity is an anti-white genocidal scam, and along with a small army of recruits he fights for a white New Zealand, which he said was in danger of becoming extinct.

I wouldn't call myself racist - Vaughan Tocker

"I'm an anti-multiculturalist. It’s us Europeans who've built this country we don't want to see it overtaken by non-Europeans."

Mr Tocker’s xenophobia may have arisen when his wife left him for an Egyptian man, and today he describes himself as a recluse.

“I haven't got many Pakistani friends or Chinese friends, mainly because they don't friend me,” he said.

“I wouldn't call myself racist,” the grandfather of seven, who spends much of his time on the internet, said.

The group is raising money to buy land and build a base to hid from Kiwi migrants.

'Ethnic' Kiwi Jehan Casinader visits NZ's white pride activists. Source: Seven Sharp