Would you like fries with that? 'Rare' McDonald's playground units gain traction on Trade Me

Three "retro" McDonald's playground units are being auctioned off on Trade Me, with the seller describing them as "collectible" and "rare". 

A Mayor McCheese roundabout, Hamburglar dual swing set and Chief Big Mac climber are for sale, which used to be popular attractions in McDonald's restaurants across the country. 

The current bid for the playground units is at $3,100 and has had over 55,000 page views.

The owner said that the rides are currently disassembled and in storage, as he has been waiting for the day his own sons grew old enough to have their own children. 

"I wanted pay back, to teach their children how to jump off the top of the jail onto a trampoline and give their mother heart palpitations," wrote the seller called madbunch. 

However, with no grandchildren, the owner has decided to sell all the rides together as a set

Mayor McCheese roundabout Source: Trade Me

Fond memories have been shared in the comments section of the auction, with the seller stating their youngest son started his "first business venture" by "charging a gold coin to other children to play on the playground."

One anonymous Trade Me member commented that they "fell from the top of the bigmac and chipped my front teeth on the merry-go-round".

Another user wrote that they hope to win lotto, as "this would be the ultimate dream to own as a 80s/90s kid".

The auction is set to close this Sunday at 1.50pm. 

Chief Big Mac climber Source: Trade Me

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