'It would be so awesome to hear his voice' - teen chasing history to find wedding footage of her late dad

A Taranaki teenager is on a quest to find the footage of her parent’s wedding having lost her dad at age four.

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Dana Phelan was just four when she lost her father and would like to hear his voice again. Source: Seven Sharp

Dana Phelan, who has just turned 18, has few memories of her Irish dad, having spent most of her life without him.

One piece of history is a key for her to help find closure from the loss.

An only child, Ms Phelan's parents, Helen and Jo, wed in 1988 but footage from the wedding was stolen in a subsequent burglary.

Now she is trying to hunt down a copy from anyone who may have attended the nuptials, which were filmed by an Irish friend of Mr Phelan.

Her memories of her dad are few, hence Ms Phelan's wish to see him again in moving pictures, and hear his voice.

The teen says wedding guests who might have known the videographer were all from Dublin, living in Sydney at the time.

"I want to see if I have any mannerisms like him, if I have features that are like him and just seeing like a full version of him moving around."

"It would just be so awesome to see what he was like, hear his voice, hear him interacting with mum."

"It would just like, put closure to it I think," she told Seven Sharp.

Anyone who has any information on the whereabouts of the footage can get in touch with Seven Sharp via their Facebook page.