How would a free trade deal with Europe help the average Kiwi?

If Jacinda Ardern were successful in orchestrating a Free Trade Deal with the European Union, it would affect New Zealanders in a variety of ways.

The EU is one of our most important trading partners, last year we imported goods and services including cars, medicines, and tourism worth 12 billion dollars.

In return we export wine, meat and fruit, worth about 8 billion dollars to the eu.

A trade deal could get rid of some tariffs, meaning European cars could become cheaper for example. 

It's also likely to give our exporters better access to markets in Europe, clearing the path to more than 500 million consumers.

The deal is expected to take 3 years to negotiate and all 28 EU nations will have to agree before it gets accepted.

The EU is one of NZ’s most important trading partners, and a free trade deal is on the cards. Source: 1 NEWS