World’s most advanced drone being trialled in Christchurch

A Christchurch aviation company is looking to buy one of the world's most advanced drones.

The Swiss drone can fly higher, further and for longer than existing UAV's and is currently being trialled in the city. It looks, sounds and flies like a real helicopter and as one of 30 in the world it costs just as much, up to half a million dollars.

It's powered by a gas turbine engine meaning it can fly up to 2000 metres high for as long as two hours and can also fly up to 100km away from the operator.

Search and rescue and emergency services all see its potential. The drone can carry up to 40kgs meaning it could be used to drop equipment to someone in trouble, in search and recue operations or looking at slips or accidents to make an alternate route.

Coastguards have said it would be useful for when conditions are too rough to send boats or helicopters out, as the drones are unmanned there is less people at risk.

The Swiss engineered drone can fly higher, further and longer than existing UAV’s. Source: 1 NEWS