World reacts to 'historic landslide' victory of Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party

The “landslide victory” of Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party in the 2020 election is making headlines around the world.

BBC News home page Source: BBC

It was revealed last night that Ardern would remain as New Zealand’s Prime Minister for another three years, with her party taking 49 per cent of votes.

Today, the world’s media has reacted to the sweeping win.

In the United Kingdom, the result made the cut for the BBC’s home page where it was dubbed a “landslide victory”.

The Guardian mentioned the fact that Kiwis had given Labour “more votes than at any other election in past five decades”. The news agency also commended Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford for delivering food to media outside their home on election night. 

Sky News said Ardern’s popularity had “soared earlier this year” for leading a “successful effort to combat the coronavirus crisis”.

United States news agency Slate said Ardern had “easily won a second term”, while the New York Times said, “The global left had fallen hard for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand”.

Huffington Post commended the leader for storming to re-election, ushering in “New Zealand’s first purely left-leaning government in decades”, and turning speaking from the heart and smiling through adversity into a “winning formula for a blowout re-election”.

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The Labour leader, in a speech to party faithful at Auckland Town Hall, pledged to rebuild New Zealand stronger following the pandemic. Source: 1 NEWS

Across the ditch in Australia, Nine News dubbed the win "historic", as the "Labour Party scored it's greatest result in 50 years".

Analysis from another Aussie news site,, said Ardern had been expected to do well "but not this well".

"Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party has won the New Zealand election – and then some," the story's first line read.