World first sees Kiwi supermarkets move towards eco-friendly food packaging

Pak N Save and New World are moving toward eco-friendly packaging in their supermarkets by trialling a recyclable alternative to the polystyrene tray.

Foodstuffs are trialling new recyclable trays in their supermarkets as an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene. Source: 1 NEWS

Foodstuffs, who manage the supermarkets, say they have been aware customers who dislike food being packaged in polystyrene are growing in numbers but had not been able to find an alternative until now.

The new tray, which is made up of 50 per cent recycled packaging, will stop 14 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of polystyrene going into landfills annually, according to the packaging's creators Alto.

Safe Food campaigner Sue Kedgley says she hopes the trays will be implemented into Foodstuffs supermarkets across New Zealand and that other retailers will follow the move.

"It's a great Kiwi initiative. Good on them for being innovative for taking the leadership," she said.

Foodstuffs sustainability manager Mike Sammons says the tray will not cost shoppers extra and have been designed to lock in excess liquid from food to make preparation easier for consumers.

"I'm excited because as far as we know it's a world first, to actually solve what is a bit of a global conundrum."