Workwear maker Argyle fined $52,500 over jackets which didn't protect from electrical burns as claimed

A protective clothing company has received a weighty fine after it was found to have sold a garment claiming to protect people from electrical arcs when it did not.

The Commerce Commission said today in a statement that Argyle Workwear had been fined $52,500 for selling a jacket that didn't have the claimed protection against electrical burns.

They were sentenced at Auckland District Court on May 10 after being found guilty of one charge under the Fair Trading Act.

Twelve of the jackets were supplied by the company, but the Commission said it considered the misrepresentation to be a serious offence.

Commissioner Anna Rawlings said "customers are entitled to rely upon the accuracy of information provided to them about the products that they buy and this was especially important for a product that may be used for personal protection at work".

Judge Mary-Beth Sharp called the offending "highly careless if not grossly negligent".

A screenshot of the Argyle Workwear website.
A screenshot of the Argyle Workwear website. Source: Screenshot