Work on film about Christchurch terrorist attack reportedly underway

A film about the March 15 Christchurch terrorist attack is being produced, Variety reports.

The film will reportedly be headed by Egyptian scholar and film maker Moez Masoud, and would be called "Hello Brother".

Mr Masoud produced Clash, which was the opening film in Cannes' Un Certain Regard in 2016.

Moez Masoud at the Davos Economic Forum in 2012. Source: Properbio2012/Wikimedia Commons

"In Christchurch, on March 15, the world witnessed an unspeakable crime against humanity," Mr Masoud told Variety.

"The story that 'Hello Brother' will bring to audiences is just one step in the healing process, so that we might all better understand each other, and the root causes of hatred, racism, supremacy and terrorism."

The film is thought to be the first confirmed project about the shooting and it will be produced through Acamedia Pictures.

Acamedia staff are reportedly currently pitching the project to partners in Cannes, while others are visiting Christchurch to meet officials and families of the victims, as well as survivors.

Mr Masoud said he wants the film to "bring people all over the world together to discuss that day and continue a positive dialogue for a future based on genuine mutual understanding".