Woodfest competitor's show off impressive forestry skills during annual event

Wood chopping enthusiasts have celebrated Kawerau's rich history in forestry during its annual Woodfest.

The week long event celebrates the industry and it attracts around 12,000 people each year. 

Chainsaw carving and wood chopping are the main events which see competitors show off impressive skills in fast pace races in front of large crowds. 

Rahera Fox has spent the last 17 years working in New Zealand forests and although this was her first chain saw racing competition, she hopes to inspire others. 

"I'm all about encouraging women to get into industries where you might not think you can do it, but all it takes is the right attitude and a bit of commitment," she told 1 NEWS.

"It's good to step outside of the job, outside of the bush and have people see what we do on a daily basis.

Woodfest brings together some of the best in the industry as punters showed a range of impressive skills. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's given me a life and a career throughout New Zealand, from as far north as the Hunua forest to as far south as Greymouth. 

Deputy Mayor of Kawerau, Faylene Tunui said the week long event recognises the industry that "has brought work for our families."

"We are known for being made of wood," she said. 

"Timber, trees and all those sorts of things. That's what Kawerau's all about...It brings everyone together."

The weeklong event in Kawerau attracts thousands who watch in awe at wood chopping and carving races. Source: 1 NEWS