Wonky Donkey author Craig Smith says he can't remove controversial golliwog song from YouTube

New Zealand children's author and musician Craig Smith says he is unable to remove a controversial video clip of a song about golliwogs from his YouTube channel because he has lost access to the channel.

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There are calls to boycott the Kiwi musician’s current tour. Source: Seven Sharp

The man behind the hit children's book The Wonky Donkey is currently touring the country, but there's a campaign to boycott him over his 'Golliwog Song' which critics are calling out as racist.

Smith has defended the song he wrote as a childlike ditty, but says he never plays it in public anyway, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reported last night. 

The writer has said he is unable to remove the video clip because he has lost access to his YouTube channel.

The reactions to the song have been swift and brutal.

"What's with that golliwog song?" one person commented.

Another reacted: "I won't read his stories to my kids again until he acknowledges his golliwog song is offensive and racist."

"Wonky Donkey and Craig Smith fans - you'll probably want to rethink your patronage in light of his deeply racist 'golliwog song'," was another response.

It was a viral video of a woman giggling while reading The Wonky Donkey to a small child on her knee that changed Craig Smith's life forever. Wonky Donkey was suddenly everywhere.

When asked on Seven Sharp last year what effect the viral video had, the author replied: "It's instant. A few days, maybe four days ago, it had like 170,000 views. And now it's like 10-and-a-half million or something like that."

While older New Zealanders might see golliwogs as harmless fun, increasingly the dolls are seen as an unsavoury throwback - an uneasy blend of wool and racist stereotypes unwelcome in our multicultural world.

Rewind to 1995 and it was a completely different story. 

One Network News reported in 1995, "Golliwogs are gathering to celebrate their 100th birthday at Kirkaldies store in Wellington."