Women's Refuge hits out at Wicked Campers 'family violence' slogans

Controversial campervan company Wicked Campers has raised the ire of Women's Refuge, who says misogynistic slogans painted on their vehicles have to stop.

Wicked Campervans are known for controversial slogans on their vehicles but Women’s Refugee say they have gone too far. Source: 1 NEWS

NZ Women's Refuge CEO Ang Jury said many of the slogans normalise violence toward women, and they want them gone.

"It's not abstract - it's actually referring to real people - it really is just misogyny," she said.

"This year so far we've had 10 or 12 deaths from family violence, and while people can dismiss that sort of thing as humour what it does is it sets the tone."

The organisation has penned an open letter to Wicked Campers, asking it to stop using slogans which may be deemed offensive to women - such as "I've often wanted to drown my troubles - but I can't get my wife to go swimming".

Wicked Campers operates out of Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, as well as across the world, and has faced a slew of complaints and even protests over their slogans, which they have labelled "humourous" in the past.

The company declined to speak to ONE News on the phone and also declined to release a statement regarding the letter, with a staff member saying the company's strategy was to keep quiet during bad publicity.

In a statement released last year, the company's founder invited people to paint or tape over messages they didn't like - but Women's Refuge warns that if they don't take the open letter on board, the complaint will be taken to the Human Rights Commission.