Women making gains in commercial business boardrooms around the country - report

If diversity is what you want, diversity is what you'll get, according to advocacy group Champions for Change, the largest measurement of gender diversity in the country.

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Co-chair and PWC chair Michele Embling joined Breakfast to discuss the figures. Source: Breakfast

A 2019 Champions for Change diversity report found that of the 39 New Zealand companies partnering with the group, women make up more than 37 per cent of their boards, and 34.6 per cent for executive officer roles. The figures are compared to NZX-listed companies, which have just 22.8 per cent and 23.5 per cent, respectively.

"Our target is 40:40:20 for gender balance on boards, so it's great to see us getting so close," Champions for Change co-chair David McLean said.

The 40:40:20 ratio refers to a goal for each level of seniority to be comprised of 40 per cent women and 40 per cent men, with the remaining 20 per cent making up either gender.

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They’re aiming to have women as half of the directors on all public boards and committees by 2021. Source: 1 NEWS

"With the right leadership, positive change can happen."

Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter said the report shows what changes can happen when companies are determined to make it happen, adding that she would like to see more movement on closing gender pay gaps.

A New Zealand-first pilot of gender pay gap measurement has also been announced, which will see 20 companies partnered with Champions for Change voluntarily report on their gender pay gap.