Women at forefront of Auckland Field of Remembrance

Women in service are at the forefront of this year’s Field of Remembrance outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

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It’s located outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Source: 1 NEWS

Many tales were told at today's emplacement event, of the brave men and women who’ve put their lives on the line for New Zealand.

Kane Te Tai, an Afghanistan veteran, has been surrounded by many strong wahine in his time on the frontline.

“They’re like, it doesn’t bother me being wet, being tired, being cold, being hungry. They could do it all with such finesse.

“They were ready to drop the hammer as well!”

And he says his mother’s played in big role in shaping him into the man he is today.

“She’s loving, but pretty hard as well. If you’re not doing the wrong thing, she’ll move you on! But she’s always around to help me out,” he said.

Women were integral members of our armed forces, a fact often overlooked, Auckland Councillor Alf Filipaina said.

“They weren’t there for support. They were serving, so acknowledging them is so, so important.”

Flowers were pinned to each of the 174 crosses planted in the field to remember those who’ve fallen in service.

The crosses aren’t only there to remember those who died in World War I.

Men and women who served in modern day wars such as the Korean, Vietnam Wars, and our deployments to Afghanistan are also honoured in the field.

Filipaina has one takeaway message for New Zealanders: never forget.

“Always acknowledge the whakapapa, your whānau. Never forget the service they’ve done and other people of Aotearoa, the Pacific, Australia… who’ve protected us all these years.”