Woman trapped by cheap weight-loss pills 'trial' warns others 'it's a journey you don't want to be on'




A New Zealand woman is warning online consumers over a weight-loss pill trial left her with unexpected ongoing payments. 

Carolyn Robinson discovers it’s surprisingly easy to get stuck with ongoing payments after agreeing to a cheap, or free, trial deal online.
Source: Seven Sharp

Angela Pile thought a free trial of Braggs Cider Vinegar and weight loss sounded "amazing". 

"I can look like Kim Kardashian by Christmas, why don't I go online and buy it for $4.90," she initially thought. 

"They've actually got on their website 'weight loss without exercise, and who wants to get up at 5.30 in the morning in winter and exercise when you could just take the tablets and look like that'."

She received the product 15 days after the 14-day trial period, and read in the mailed information that if there had been no notification within 14-days there would be a charge of AUS$141. 

Ms Pile phoned to cancel the deal, but was told as it was a trial period, she couldn't, and tried to send the products back to Singapore but the address did not exist. 

"When I checked the credit card bill, which I don't use very often, there were multiple payment of small amounts. Things like currency fees and handling fees, so they had use of my credit card."

She was sent a "free gift" of cleansing pills, which also arrived after the trial period and would be billed monthly. 

"So I then immediately cancelled my credit card."

The terms and conditions stated if the consumer clicked on the free trial period said they would be charged $90 every 30 days. 

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