Woman tours now-famous 'mystery' bedroom she plastered with pop posters in 1964

The mystery of who was behind the 1960s popstar time capsule discovered in a New Plymouth cottage last week has been solved.

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New Plymouth owner Katey Pittwood discovered the amazing time capsule while doing renovations last week. Source: 1 NEWS

After seeing Seven Sharp's story about how Katey Pittwood had discovered one of the rooms in her new house was lined with 60s pop star posters underneath the gib, Pege Heaford felt the shock of recognition.

"I thought, 'Oh my goodness, that is my bedroom!'" she said.

Her 15-year-old self decorated the room over 50 years ago, with the memorabilia standing the test of time.

Today, the 70-year-old visited her old bedroom with Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson as chaperone.

"I'm nervous, I haven't been in the house for 30 years, it's exciting," she said. 

Pege explained how she amassed the wealth of posters before entering the cottage on Lemon Street.

"My friend over the road, she worked in a bookshop," she said. "She would give the out-of-date pop magazines to me because we always swapped clothes, so that was her way of saying thank you."

Upon entering the house, Pege was overcome with nostalgia.

"It's just like yesterday - look at them, it's amazing.

"I don't know quite how I got them up there," Pege said, looking at the posters on the ceiling.

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Katey Pittwood’s home is hiding a unique secret, Seven Sharp went to check it out. Source: Seven Sharp

The home's new owner, Katey, previously explained how she found the posters.

"We bought the cottage and thought we better have a look up in the ceiling with a crowbar because I knew there might be beautiful wooden ceilings up there.

"I put the crowbar in and there were posters on the roof, so we ripped down the wall linings to see if there was more treasure and there was," she said in the room surrounded by pop memorabilia.

An avid music fan, Katey was happy with the discovery.

"I started screaming because it was the coolest thing in the world."

Katey and Pege met for the first time today and shared a hug - the mystery of the 1960s New Plymouth time capsule coming to a happy conclusion.