Woman shocked to find dead shark washed up on Auckland beach where she often takes her children swimming

An Auckland woman was "freaked out" to come across a dead shark washed up on the beach she often takes her three children swimming while on a walk this morning.

Bronze whaler shark washed up at Narrowneck Beach in Auckland. Source: Supplied

Ms Edgar told 1 NEWS she was walking along Narrow Neck Beach on Auckland's North Shore at about 6.30am today when she came across a washed up shark.

"I didn't really know what to do," she said, adding no one else was around at the time.

"My family swims there often so it did freak me out a bit. I've got three kids - my 9-year-old son would definitely freak out so I haven't even shown them the photos."

Ms Edgar sent photos of the shark, which she described as being more than one-metre long, to the Department of Conservation.

A spokesperson for DOC said the bronze whaler was dropped off at Massey University for research.

But it's not the first animal Ms Edgar has seen washed up on the beach. She came across a dead stingray on Monday as well.

DOC shark expert Clinton Duffy told 1 NEWS people shouldn't be worried if they find a shark washed up on their local beach.

"These occurrences remind us of the other species we share this place with and why we need to care for it," he said.

Mr Duffy says if you come across a large animal washed up on the beach it's helpful to take a picture of it and send to DOC at to see if it's a protected species.

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Witnesses say fishermen disrupted beachgoers who were trying to save the young shark, and that it was kicked and treated disrespectfully. Source: 1 NEWS

The incidents also follow a juvenile shark which washed up on Orewa Beach in the city's north on January 2. Police and DOC launched an investigation into the animal's death after people trying to rescue it said others were aggressive to them, and were kicking the two-metre-long shark.

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Seven of the pilot whales were successfully re-floated and four died. Source: 1 NEWS

There's also been a spate of whales washing up, including one that died near Dargaville on Tuesday and a pod that became standed on Matarangi Beach in the Coromandel on January 14.

On Sunday morning, there was also a shark thrashing around close to shore at Tokerau Beach on Northland's Karikari Peninsula. It's believed fish carcasses attracted the shark so close to shore on that occasion.