Woman who provided fake visas to Filipino dairy workers sentenced to home detention


A Waikato woman who admitted to 284 charges of fraud has been sentenced to 11 months and two weeks of home detention when she appeared in the Hamilton District Court today.

Workers allegedly paid thousands of dollars to Loraine Jayme for the fraudulent visas.
Source: 1 NEWS

Loraine Anne Jayme was arrested after an investigation launched by Immigration New Zealand found 17 Filipino dairy workers had been caught out by the scam and granted false visas.

The charges include forgery, supplying false information and obtaining by deception.

In sentencing, Judge Kim Saunders listed the extent of the offending, calling it an "A to Z" coverage of fraudulent behaviour.

Loraine Anne Jayme was sentenced in Hamilton District Court today to home detention.
Source: 1 NEWS

Workers allegedly paid $2250 for the fraudulent visas.

The fraudulent behaviour was first noticed by Immigration New Zealand staff in Christchurch who found discrepancies over qualifications and false claims of experience.

The Investigation uncovered widespread concerns about false or misleading information in work visa applications submitted by Filipino nationals.

Immigration New Zealand claimed that the woman used New Zealand employers without their knowledge to acquire visas.

There are around 38,000 Filipinos in the dairy industry.

Nearly 2000 of them are on temporary work visas.

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