Woman on nightmare flight from Auckland to Dubai describes 'terrifying' moment severe turbulence hit plane

A Wellington woman who travelled on an Emirates flight from Auckland to Dubai last week that was caught up in severe turbulence says it was "pretty terrifying".

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Becky Lasenby’s journey on the Emirates A380 was far from smooth. Source: Seven Sharp

Becky Lasenby is used to some rough landings coming into Wellington Airport, but the turbulence she experienced on Flight EK449 last Wednesday was something else.

"It was pretty terrifying because it just came out of nowhere and we were thrown not just up and down but also side to side, and it went on for half an hour, maybe even longer," she told Seven Sharp.

"It felt like the plane was completely out of control."

Ms Lasenby described the conditions inside the Airbus A380 plane when the turbulence hit.

"There was crashing, and stuff being thrown around, the other passengers went really quiet and some were crying.

"Nobody said anything, there was no announcement about it. I guess that's because the pilots were busy trying to control the plane."

After her ordeal, Ms Lasenby gave some advice to other travellers who may be caught up in severe turbulence.

"Just don't panic, have faith in the pilots and stay buckled up."