Woman drives 10 months through 14 countries in 60-year-old Morris Minor to honour dad's memory

If you're planning a trip overseas, finding the most reliable, cost-effective modes of transport is probably high on the to-do list. That makes Laura Morrison's decision to drive for 10 months through 14 different countries in a 60-year-old Morris Minor all the more surprising.

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Laura Morrison’s vehicle, dubbed Charlie, has just arrived back in New Zealand. Source: Seven Sharp

When Ms Morrison spoke to Seven Sharp before her trip last year, she said the car, named Charlie, had "a very special meaning" and was "a car that me and my dad shared a love of".

"The reason why I did this whole journey is because my father wanted to drive from Aberdeen to Cape Town and he unfortunately never go to do it because he passed away with cancer two-and-a-half years ago, so that's why I drove through Africa," Ms Morrison told Seven Sharp upon her return to New Zealand.

"It was his dream that I was fulfilling on his behalf, basically."

But Ms Morrison didn't just honour her dad's memory with the 26,000km trip – she also raised $35,000 for the Cancer Society along the way.

"It was just such a humbling experience in terms of the amount of support that I got."

She said Charlie didn't have a single issue on the road until they reached Ethiopia, where they "had to get towed eight times by eight different vehicles".

However, Ms Morrison said she received a positive reaction from locals as they rolled into each new country.

"It was amazing, because it's obviously a funny-looking car," she said. "We got lots of smiles, lots of waves, people supporting us."

"Petrol stations were amazing, people were coming over and having a talk. Every time you stopped, there'd be someone coming over and wanting to have a talk. It's going to be quite sad going back to a normal car."

After a quick stop in New Zealand, Ms Morrison decided to settle back in Botswana.