Wizarding train ride reminiscent of Harry Potter sells out quickly

Wellington's rail system is set to get an unusual addition this weekend.

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The sold-out service allows participants to enter a world similar to Harry Potter. Source: 1 NEWS

It's a train service, reminiscent of the Hogwarts Express from the world of Harry Potter.

The event is designed to give people the experience of heading along to a wizarding academy right here in New Zealand.

Passengers will complete an hour-long round trip, leaving Wellington Train Station this Saturday.

Sarah Ferguson, one of the organisers, told 1 NEWS that they couldn't call it the 'Hogwarts Express', due to copyright restrictions.

"It gave us a huge license to go and make something uniquely New Zealand and uniquely us and create a back story," she said.

That back story includes a uniquely Kiwi twist on the mythology most Harry Potter fans know and love.

"You know, where did these wizards come from? Off the Rosanna when it landed in Wellington at Port Nicholson?"

Instead of heading to the world of J.K Rowling, passengers are en route to "Saremcroft", a fictional wizarding academy.

"New Zealand's always had an affinity for things magical, it's our myths and legends themselves," Ms Ferguson said.

Once the train's moving, passengers can expect to solve a wizarding mystery, learn spells, and even try their hand at brewing a potion.

However, if you're looking to snatch up a ticket, you're out of luck, both the Wellington and Auckland events have sold out.