Winston Peters won't have to stay home, despite being over 70, says Jacinda Ardern

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will not have to remain home during the coronavirus pandemic, despite calls for those over the age of 70 to do so.

Winston Peters. Source: 1 NEWS

The 74-year-old falls into the category of aged over 70 or immunocompromised outlined by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern earlier today, however he will be exempt due to his role in Government.

After addressing the nation earlier today, Ms Ardern outlined that her deputy will be allowed to continue in his current role.

"The Deputy Prime Minister we consider part of our essential team and a core part of our Government, so the Deputy Prime Minister will be continuing on in his role, business as usual, whilst applying the same kind of measures we are asking all Parliamentarians to maintain at this time," Prime Minister Ardern said.

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It comes as an alert system for Covid-19 response has been put in place for all of New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

"He is part of our essential team. He will be continuing on in his work."

Figures from the last census indicate that there are 528,000 people aged over 70 currently living in New Zealand.