Winston Peters storms off after reporter's 'defamatory question' about racing industry donations

Winston Peters abruptly ended a media stand-up this afternoon after he deemed a question about racing industry donations to NZ First "defamatory".

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NZ First’s leader didn’t take kindly to 1 NEWS reporter Katie Bradford’s line of questioning. Source: 1 NEWS

The NZ First leader didn’t take kindly to 1 NEWS reporter Katie Bradford’s line of questioning while campaigning in Waikato.

The exchange began routinely enough when Bradford asked Peters: "How worried are you about the future of the racing industry if you’re not here after the election?"

"We plan to be here after the election and I’m asking them to make sure I am," Peters replied.

"Do you know how much money you get from the racing industry in donations?" Bradford asked.

"You’ve asked me that question before and the answer is take your defamatory questions somewhere else Katie," Peters responded.

"RNZ and TVNZ are not going to win this campaign with political dirt, I’m sorry I have been around too long and that’s my last answer," he said walking off as Bradford attempted to ask a question about the Serious Fraud Office investigation into the NZ First Foundation.

"You had your chance, we’re not doing that Katie," Peters said as he quickly walked away.

Serious Fraud Office open investigation into NZ First Foundation

New Zealand's racing industry was given a $72.5 million emergency support package by the Government in early May to mitigate fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government to hand racing industry multi-million dollar lifeline

"We are going to make racing great again," Winston Peters said in his capacity as Racing Minister at the time.